Some love it, some never stop moaning about it. What am I talking about Wikipedia of course. The enigma that jealous SEO's everywhere have to at least admire a bit for the sheer brilliance and simplicity of the thing as well as how useful it is.

So saying

I have a Wiki install.

Double T Ted's UK Teddy Bear Cartoon History

OK first let me say I do SEO, writing and I devised and designed these cartoon characters. I dabble with web design. I do various things but I am not good at sifting through wads of info when I do not know what I am looking for and the tutorial is massive.

There are potentially over 6028 of the Double T Ted's Teddy Bear Characters in all. They could be the UK answer to Disney in the future.

Seriously! There are already about a dozen individual cartoon characters online and more to come.

The problem I have is how to start using the wiki to keep track of things before the development gets lost into memory

Installation of the Wiki was easy (I cheated in cPanel of course). Putting the logo in was fairly easy to (Note the typo in the image I did there LOL).

But other than editing the odd thing, the fact that the tutorial is so big and the fact that I only really need to know how to do half a dozen or so things most likely I can't get it to a point where it is of use for me to start recording the development of what in 10 , 20 30 years time could well be Great British icons (well icons on the scale of Paddington Bear, Pooh Bear or any other famous bear or cartoon characters).

So what I am hoping is that there will be someone around who has experience of a Wiki and how to get it so it is easy to just provide the info that should be getting logged.

I don't imagine there is much I need to know as it will likely be just a few pointers. One day the TTed will make the other Wiki hopefully when they become famous and on TV etc but it would be nice to be able to start the Wiki for them otherwise it will just be blog posts as I don't have time to read through the masses of tutorials to find out how to operate a few simple functions on the Wiki

So can anyone help please?

Says me at 2.30am scratch: Yawn )

Tomorrow and beyond

So far 5 separate professional UK cartoonists have provided cartoons so this really should be getting logged

Oh and I know a Wiki isn't exactly a CMS but this was the nearest I could find in regards to a seemingly somewhat appropriate section