I have a page "levels_and_prices.cfm" on which I have to output content from two tables in the database (content and prices). The content from the prices table should appears somewhere half way the page so I need to divide the content from the content table in two blocks, One above and one below the prices. With the help of Rudy this is working when the content of the content table exists of just paragraphs using
<p>#ListGetAt(getContent.content,1,CHR(13)&CHR(10),FALSE)# </p> 
<p>#ListGetAt(getContent.content,2,CHR(13)&CHR(10),FALSE)# </p> 
<p>#ListGetAt(getContent.content,3,CHR(13)&CHR(10),FALSE)# </p>
but there are also unsorted lists within that field and somehow I don't get the desired result. What would be the best way to approach this. Is there something I need to show?