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    Netfirms Review: for Serious Webmasters

    I'm doing revisions to my blog so I'm removing this post and decided to post it here instead.

    It might surprise you, but Netfirms is actually the perfect host for some folks because of the price, but Here is my experience.

    My intent was to get rid of some of my sites at Sedo and move the 7 remaining sites to my new host… then move the dot Com from NetFirms to the new host and six weeks later move the dot Net, dot Org, dot Info versions too. Moving the ones from Sedo was easy, but the ones I bought from NetFirms would require me to make DNS changes at NetFirms. Once the DNS changes would take place I could also do a redirect & 301 so the search engines and anyone who uses links could send SEO juice in the right direction. By the end of doing all this I would have 11 sites (URL’s at least) at the new host.

    Well, the first problem was when I went to the DNS area at NetFirms and the panel wouldn’t open. I uninstalled my security software… I switched from my windows 7 to my older XP machine…nothing worked. The drop down boxes on all my URL’s at NetFirms that lead to the panel to access CNAME, A records, DNS info, etc, wouldn’t open. When I played around it became clear the things they wanted me to do and things they didn’t want me to do. They didn’t approve of me purchasing a handful of domains and running off with them to some other host. You should have seen the strategically placed ads everywhere offering their own $2.50 per month hosting. .

    There was no way I was paying for it, because I knew it wouldn't hold up for what I was planning on doing with my 11 sites. So I called customer service and spoke to someone for about 10 minutes who told me it was probably my browser. When I quickly pulled up Firefox and then google chrome it still wouldn’t work. 3 minutes after hanging up the phone the Domain Control and DNS panel pulled up under each of my URL’s. That was way too suspicious. I think they control it and “allow” their customers to have access to it when they call in and that even depends on what customers say they intend to do.

    It’s possible this only happens to certain people, but it
    still sucks.

    Moral of the story: I don't know what's going on over there, but I would tread carefully.

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    It could have been a fluke. They have been changing platforms after being bought, and maybe things were not in their final stage of implementation. The story does sound quite strange though. - budget hosts, compared - web hosting coupons

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