OK, here's the score. Like many other webmasters, I'm paying huge sums to the pay-per-click search engines to draw traffic to my Website. I spend a considerable period of time writing my site descriptions so that people know what they'll encounter when they click-through to my sites.

Nevertheless, upon clicking-through, many people press the back-button after only a few seconds. That equals 5 or 10 cents down the drain for me.

I would like a second bite of the cherry at these surfers. Therefore, could anybody please refer me to the code I can use to ensure a pop-up appears IF somebody doesn't go deeper into my site?

I know it is possible to ammend the <A HREF> tags to make pop-ups/unders only appear if selected ones are clicked on.

Any way of actioning a pop-up on the back button please?

Thank you in advance for any help with this