Hi there,

I'm about to develop a heavily AJAX based website (this is because the website should look more like a brochure/leaflet).
All of this should happen without harming it's SEO performance.
I saw some solutions (but most articles were actually quite outdated).

Please correct me where necessary, this is how I see it:
- One way to do it is by using a hash URL. something like www.website.com/#!/category/product
-- with jQuery you can make the hash change however you want
-- because of the '!', Google will ask for a HTML snapshot. Everyone is happy in that way.
-- Question: will these clean urls (so the /#!/... ones) have the same value for Google as the traditional ../category/product urls?

- Another way is to have standard links: like www.website.com/category/product
-- Use 'Hijax' system, so catch the standard (server side urls) and get the content trough javascript httprequest
-- Google bot can just visit normal page instantly, for him this is just a normal site
-- Javascript disabled browsers will now be able to surf the website in a better way.
-- Only one page has to be created, and not 2 views as with the previous solution...
-- Question: I haven't seen how this is technically possible. So far I only saw /#/ websites.

What do you think about these 2 solutions? Which one is preferable? Do you have experience with one of them?


Edit: PS: it was difficult to choose in which section to put this topic (SEO or Javascript). But I guess there will be more javascript than SEO challenges in this development process.