Hello all. Thanks for your help.

I run a self-hosted wordpress blog and I use W3 Cache plugin. I recently changed the theme of my site and I wanted to speed up the site loading time, so I tried turning on the 'Minify' option in the W3 Total Cache plugin settings.

It messed up my site layout completely so I disabled the minify option, but the problem persists on IE8 and on Opera. Btw, My Site. If you take a look at my site using Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari, the site loads normally. But if you load my site on Opera, the upper ticker does not rotate and on IE8 the headline area is all messed up.

I tried deleting the W3 Cache and reinstalling. I also deleted my theme and reinstalled it. Tried deleting the browsing history and cookies, but non has solved my problem. Can anyone help me fix this?