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    Site review please!

    okay I went far and near..and to do and not to do and yes go ahead and no forget.

    all the way to my new tabless design...

    now I know there are still some tables in the code on the main page but that has nothing to do with the over-all layout..just some last minute copy paste code from the old site for content.

    Please test in out on different browsers and screen sizes.. I here it has been braking in some places.

    Also the last place I tried to review this site all I got back was a lot of "why would you get rid of tables.." responses.

    making me think..was this even worth it..

    anyway here's the url...
    <advisor edit...wrong forum, no reviews, link removed>

    Last edited by Sketch; Oct 3, 2002 at 11:20.


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