.. and it's disappointing.

It's still not good enough to substitute my current use of EditWorks. Why, oh, why not support for uploading of images? This a feature pretty much every client needs. EditWorks costs me a measly $20 per licence, and offers image uploading support. I have also extended the image part of the script with a simple resizing script (took me 45 minutes to write an implement), which resizes those huge JPEG:s my clients always upload. Due to the fact that editize is written in Java, it's MUCH harder to extend it.

Editize is very powerful in the sense that it is cross platform and browser compatible, and produces nice XHTML (which certainly cannot be said for those other editors), but that is simply not enough to make up for it's very high price and lack of image support for real-life scenarios.

For the price, I'm certainly expecting Editize to be able to both resize and handle uploads of images. Just my two cents. Image Upload and Image resize. Then, and only then, I will buy.