Okay, I've been searching through here for a day, but haven't quite found what I need. I'm rebuilding my client's site (http://www.continentalscrew.com) to update the code and get it off of Yahoo's CMS.

My rebuilt site (http://www.vmtweb.com/conscrew/) is nearly complete, except the navigation. I want to keep the function that each menu requires a click to open, not just a hover. Unfortunately, the rebuilt site's menu doesn't function and it'll require absolute links to work in the various root and sub folders.

This is one suggestion I found in the archives here, http://www.pmob.co.uk/temp/drop-down-expand5.htm, but it doesn't quite look like what I need. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have other sites that are for persons with disabilities that this could be useful for, so I need to be able to reproduce the results.