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    Unhappy Magento Go won't let me delete my credit card details in their system

    I just cancelled my plan at Magento Go. Short version, they are HORRIBLE; long version, read my frustrations here:

    There are corporations who charge their customers as much as possible yet help them as less as possible. Magento Go is one of them.

    After reading this comment by another user of Magento Go: http://www.shoppingcartsforwebsites....w/#comment-469

    This is just an example of the tickets I’ve been opening on Magento Go with no reply, zero, zilch:


    This is my 5th attempt at getting you to STOP charging my visa for my CANCELLED store. I would also request a refund for the funds taken WITHOUT authorization.

    This will be my last “ticket” and my next move will be to get a lawyer and take extra effort to post reviews of your service everywhere I can.

    I love to support start-ups, but this service is terrible.

    I started to worry if they would do the same to me, charging my credit card even after I have CANCELLED my store. So I did everything I can trying to delete or scramble my credit card information in their system yet it seemed it's impossible to do that.

    See these screenshots:

    1.png - where I can edit my credit cards, click "Edit" goes to 2.png, click "Add New Credit Card" goes to 4.png
    2.png - no entry to modify card number, just name on card and expiration. And if you try to scramble them and click "Update", their system automatically verifies the information. If they are incorrect, they'd reject the update, giving the error in 3.png.
    4.png - adding a new card, it's also impossible to supply fake card information or it ends up in error as shown in 5.png.

    I also submitted a ticket as well as a community question, requesting my credit card information to be removed. However, it's been 2 days and they DON'T RESPOND in any way.

    My questions are:

    Is this legal? Can they legally keep my credit card information after I have canceled my subscription? I entered no contract with them. It's a month to month plan.

    If I request my credit card information to be deleted, are they legally bound to do that for me?

    If they refuse to do that what are my options?

    Thanks! This is making me very very uncomfortable....
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    Storing credit card information is not legal unless approved by authority. I forgot the name of this authority but you can google it. For now just cancel your current card and get a new card, it is the fastest way to prevent further losses. Then for those illegally charged amount, you may then take your time to pursue them.
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