Wow, another wierd javascript question! Ok. I can't alert the history array of the index page or use that arrays indexOf to read and write it to go back to predetermend conditional index of that array? If I could alert the history array and read the array elements then I might be able to write and go to one of the history array elements specificaly? So I might be able to use window onload to create an array that stores the classname of a div every time the divs classname is changed then go back in page history to the classname specified?

Window Onload function
var f1=document.getElementById('f1');
var f1history=['product','htmlpage'];//create array of the classNames of 'f1' div?

var f1=document.getElementById('f1');
var sidebar=document.getElementById('sidebar');
f1history.length+='f1.className';//add the current className of 'f1' to 'f1history' array?

var header=document.getElementById('header');
not sure that returning the className of 'f1' will work it should return the index number of 
f1history array! Because 'f1' divs className has to be 'product' and the window has to return to the last time 'f1's' className was 'product'
That should explain what I'm trying to do, maybe not? Please let me know of any way to achieve the same proposed result