Hi all,

Im just testing a site Ive built online (BETA Verison currently) and I cannot get either of my forms Javascript to kick in when trying to submit the form with empty fields, works fine across all modern browsers, Im just wondering if I should have a <no script> tag in telling the user they need Javascript activated in order for the page to work correctly.
Otherwise I can turn off/remove the Javascript but then Im relying on the server side validation to kick in, which is the incorrect way of going about it, as its an unneccessary work load for the server to cope with.

Any thoughts/comments would be well appreciated

Javascript in form will not work in IE 8 or below.

Also just found that the title attribute doesnt seen to be working in IE 8 and below aswell, I have tried moving the attribute from in 1 example the <a> tag to the <li> tag, but that change didnt work either...

Domain is : www.news-ball.co.uk/test (then either of the 2 forms: order an epc or contact)