I have a couple of questions which are probably very stupid, but I'll go ahead and ask them anyway.

My server logs (on shared hosting) show a large number of requests, from various IPs, which take the form /home/my_username/public_html/directory/subdirectory/file.php . Am I right in thinking that there is no legitimate reason for anyone to be trying to access my site using that path? The directory is blocked in the robots.txt file, and files within it are not linked from the main site. The username is the standard cPanel first-eight-letters-of-the-domain version (which I can't change) and the site was hacked some months back, so I'm not too surprised to find it being used.

As far as I can tell, all these requests have been blocked with a 403 or 404 error. Is there anything else I can do about them? The vast majority of these requests seem to have come via Google translate, if I'm reading the logs correctly.