Hi guys,

I'm questioning my 'judgement' with regards to form markup.
For the last few years i've been using dls to contain my forms, with the dts containing the labels and the dds containing the inputs with a dd with the class of btns containing the submits, etc.
Like this;
<dt><label for="input">Label</label></dt>
<dd><input type="text".... (you get the idea)
<dd class="btns">
... form submits here ...
I know this isn't how dls are meant to be used but it's been a nice and tidy method of handling forms, especially when it comes to 'inline' forms where the label and the input are on the same line so to speak.

I've been looking at admin/CMS templates recently on themeforest and noticed that the vast majority of them use divs or tables to contain the forms.
Personally I detest the table method as its too rigid and doesn't allow the pages to flow naturally on smaller resolutions and I think tables are used far, far too much for the wrong purposes.
The div method isn't too bad, but not ideal.

What do you guys think? What's your preferred method?
Do you have any views related to my 'method'?