Hi i have the following script which update and upload image to the folder and sends path to the database my issue is when editing the details
i have to keep sending a image otherwise the path to the image in the database updates empty is there away in my script that i can set if no new image upload keep old image path or dnt change the the row on database this my upload script?

PHP Code:
//upload if the image is CHANGED        
 //set the uplopad location            
$uploaddir '../../../images_news/';                
//THREE Possibilities now Follow..        
 // 1 - no image exists and there is no change        
 // 2 - an image exists and there is no change        
 // 3 - an image exists and there is a  change                            
 // 1 - no image exists and there is no change            
$current_image_name $news_image;                    
// 2 - an image exists and there is no change            
if( !($news_image=="") )
// $news_image is NOT empty                
$uploadfile $uploaddir $news_image;                
$current_image_name $news_image;            
  if( !(
$file=="") )
// $file is NOT empty                
$uploadfile $uploaddir $news_id basename($_FILES['file']['name']);                
$current_image_name $news_id basename($_FILES['file']['name']);            

// 3 - if an image name DOES NOT exist, and a new file has been selected, then             
  // $file is NOT empty                
$target '../../../images_news/';
$target $target basename$_FILES['file']['name']) ; 

// Strip those \ /             
  //str_replace("& amp ;", "&", (htmlentities(stripslashes($news_story), ENT_QUOTES)));        
  // All appears well, so enter into database                    
$query"UPDATE news SET
 news_title           = '
 news_story              = '
 news_image              = '
 news_image_caption      = '
 news_image_link      = '
 news_date_day          = '
 news_date_month      = '
 news_date_year          = '
 news_status          = '
 news_website          = '
 news_date_modified      = '
WHERE news_id='

$result mysql_query($query) or die("could not execute query - Update CAMERAMEN Record to DB");