I run a review site and received an email from my web hosting company today -- with what appears to be an official document from a law firm, claiming that my web site is infringing on their client's trademark. The page in question has the company's name on the page, with about 10 (mostly negative) user-submitted reviews.

I don't see how any trademark is being infringed upon. If every company was successful in filing and winning such claims, the web would not have any negative reviews on it.

My web host is giving me 48 hrs to tell them what steps I have/will take to remedy this situation, or else they will be forced to disable this material in accordance with federal trademark laws. They are going to remove the material, even though they have "not sought to determine whether the Infringing Materials on the Web Site do indeed infringe upon the Claimant's intellectual property rights".

I would like to postpone my web hosting company from removing any material from my web site until I am able to speak with/hire a lawyer. What are my options? Are there any trademark lawyers that visit this bulletin board?

Seeking help asap.