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    Why is this ranking?

    I recently had my site indexed in MSN and Hotbot and I have rank 5 for the term "profesional affordable web design" in MSN search however in Hotbot I do not even appear in the 11 results. Whats with that? I have the search term in my title, the description, and the keywords. I also have it listed in the content as well as the the alt tags on the images/graphics. True my link popularity is not great, I only have about 30 return links so far but I am listed in DMOZ and google. In anycase that should not have anything to do with just showing up in the results, should it? Which leads to me second question, I also went for the term "affordable web design" and on that one I do not even show up on the first 100 or so listings, is my index page so terrible or is it the link popularity?

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    HotBot's primary results are from Inktomi.

    MSN's primary results are from LookSmart.
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