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    A fix for pngs in image cycle, is there such a fix for this?

    I have been trying to find a fix for PNGs, and haven't had any luck with making the PNG display properly. Anyway please click here to see an example of the PNGs I am trying to display properly in Internet Explorer 6: The PNGs are in the CSS not in the HTML, the PNGs are meant to be for an image cycle. Can someone please tell me a fix for this? Thanks in advance.

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    You could use the alpha image loadeR to display the image but it won't work on sptites.

    There is also the pngfix js you could add to get them working.

    Or you could just use transparent gifs for IE6 only and match the matt background as close as possible to avoid pixellation. Ie6 is low usage these days so i would tend to swap transparent gifs (or 8bit ined transparent pngs). They don't look as good but hey its only ie6

    What have you tried so far?


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