Hi there,

Currently we do not ask for the customers billing address on our web site. Instead the customer enters this information on the SagePay Card Processing Form.

We are planning to use MySQL tables for processing of orders. The problem is SagePay have said they cannot send us the Billing Address! Is this true? I was told by another colleague a week ago that it is possible! So I thought I would ask here too.

The way around this problem is to ask the customer to enter the billing address on our web site.

What is the best way, in your experience?

Also can I add a tick box that says "tick here if billing address is same as the delivery address" THAT ALSO COPIES THE DELIVERY ADDRESS INTO THE BILLING ADDRESS BOXES? If this is not possible without Javascript, how can I code it to say, if the box is ticked the billing address is the same as the delivery address. OTHERWISE THE BILLING ADDRESS WILL BE SEND AS A NOTHING (since the customer ticked the box and did not write in a billing address).