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    Design of my site

    When I work with wordpress then I want to use my designed theme .Is it possible to add my theme in word press ?

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    If you have designed a theme I am assuming it is in Photoshop or something like that. I'm also going to assume that you aren't a big Wordpress user.

    If you want to implement a custom designed photoshop layout into a Wordpress environment and you don't already know how, I would explore the use of this plugin. I haven't used it but I did look into it during my quest for easy to design tools for Wordpress development. For my purposes Headway Themes was a better development platform.

    The other option is to find and use a theme that fits your own design where you can insert the images components underneath the content.

    Outside of those options you are going to have to learn things the hard way. Others may know different but that's my bit.


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