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    Pink For October: The Contest! (3x1)

    Pink For October: The Contest! (3x1)

    October is the month of breast cancer awareness and we are very happy to promote this awareness all around the world. This year we want to make it fun and more active than ever ... and we want all the community to participate too. So we have created Pink For October: The Contest! (3x1)

    What does 3x1 mean?

    It means that it is not only a contest but 3 contests in 1: Logo, content and front-end. That's it. You can win up to 3 prizes!

    I'll give you the full set of rules below, but be aware of the dates to submit your entries ... submit them in the right time frame, or else they will not be considered at all.

    The contest is closed. Thanks to all participants!

    You can use the world clock to work out what time that will be for you.

    E-mail your entries to
    Please include the word "Front end" in the subject of your e-mail.

    Rules for Pink for October

    Contestants may enter in one, two or three categories. Each area will be judged independently and will have its own winner.


    1.- min width/height: 50px
    2.- It will be a screen-only logo, hence no limits on the number of colors the can be used
    3.- Formats accepted: jpg, gif, png, bmp, eps.
    4.- Name of Company: "Pink for October"
    5.- You may include a tagline if you wish. An example could be: "International month for breast cancer awareness".

    1.- 200 to 250 words of content in two to three paragraphs.
    2.- Text should promote or publicize breast cancer awareness
    3.- It should be your own original work.

    Front-End and Coding

    In this phase, you should create the home page of a fictional site for our company, "Pink for October".

    1.-You can use any version of (x)HTML/XML and CSS. Although not mandatory, the following will be a plus:
    • Valid code
    • Accessibility
    • Neat code
    • Semantic code

    2.-You can use Javascript (including libraries such as JQuery)

    3.-It has to be usable even if Javascript is turned off.

    4.- You may (if you want) use the logos and/or text presented in previous areas of the contest.

    5.-You can use as many graphics as you wish, but the page in total can't weigh more than 700Kb (images, javascript, javascript libraries and any external files included).

    6.-It has to have a menu, even if the links lead nowhere. An example could be links to "What's PFO", "How you can help", "Facts about breast cancer".

    7.- No back end coding (php, asp, java, etc.)

    8.- Just 1 HTML file. If you want to show/hide different pieces at a time that's fine, but everything should be in one file with the exception of graphics and/or libraries and/or external files. Zip everything and send us the zip please!

    9.- It should work in all latest versions of Safari, Opera, FireFox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.


    The contest will start Sept. 21st and end Oct 9th.

    Logo: 1st week (from Sept. 21st to Sept 28th at 24:00 GMT)
    Content: 2nd week (from Sept. 29th to Oct. 5th at 24:00 GMT)
    Coding: 3rd and 4th weeks. (from Oct. 6th to Oct. 19th GMT)


    A book of choice for each winner. Kits are not included.

    Results and winners announcement:
    End of October to early November.

    E-mail to
    Include in your subject the name of the area you're competing in:


    Best of luck to everyone!
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