Hi I am runnig a YouTube channel where I am teaching programing and two of all languages I am walking throw is xHTML and CSS.

I used w3schools as a reference in my xHTML serie but when I was recording I clicked my way in to there so called "lessons" and saw that they are still using HTML 3.2 elements and attributes. I just bit my tounge and told everyone that is locking at my clip that they are under no circumstances allowed to view that material. But I was recording and time is a factor.

But when I was doing my CSS serie (two days from posting) I just got sick of them and did a Google(.. ohh I mean Yahoo ) and found SitePoints reference and got blown away, SitePoint the company that has writers like Paul O'Brian, Jina Bolton, Cameron Adams and I just starting that list. Great people that has made some of the best books and I am gona recommend three out five SitePoint books at the end of my serie.

And Yeah I get of point some times, but returning. How in the world of Yahoo can SitePoint reference even have these HTML elements in there list and not even mark them as depreached yet:

Blink (A Netscape/FireFox unique element and not in the HTML 4.01 DTD)

Marquee (Really!?)

And with Marquee I just stoped looking. The two above is not even in the specification of W3C, not even as "Forbidden".

Or HTML 3.2
http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html32 (Just got too love the design )

My opinion is that they should not even match up high enougth to cut a SitePoint level but at least get marked as Dept. and placed in the Depreached section of the Reference.

Hope you can by side my english, in my defense I belive my english is better then your swedish

As I said, love the company and the writers keep it going!

//Happy Days