NOTE: This is a cross-post from ASP classic forum.

I have this sample section of an XML file generated from a ColdFusion server:

-<wsdl: PortType name="organizationalModule">
-<wsdl: operation name="getPositions" parameterOrder="siteid validationkey WhichPosition WhichUnit">
<wsdl: input name="getPositionsRequest" message="impl:getPositionsRequest"/>
<wsdl: output name="getPositionsResponse" message="impl:getPositionsResponse"/>
<wsdl: fault name="CFCInvocationException" message="impl:CFCInvocationException"/>
-</wsdl: operation>

I was trying to retrieve the valus associated with siteid, validationkey, WhichPosition, and WhichUnit by using the following code from as classic ASP page:


Dim returnString
Dim myXML ' this variable hold the XML data in a DOM Object
Dim SoapRequest
Dim SoapURL
Dim ResponseXML
Dim bXMLLoadError

Set SoapRequest = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP")
Set myXML =Server.CreateObject("MSXML.DOMDocument")

SoapURL = ""
SoapRequest.Open "GET",SoapURL , False

'Check that the XML was retrieved successfully by checking to ensure that a HTTP status code of 200 was received (200 = OK)

if Not myXML.load(SoapRequest.responseXML) or XMLHTTP.Status <> 200 then 'an Error loading XML
Response.Write("<font color=""red"">Page Error: Could not load XML from remote server</font><br>") 'Show error message
bXMLLoadError = True

Else 'parse the XML

Dim siteid
Dim validationkey
Dim WhichPosition
Dim WhichUnit
Dim siteValue
Dim validValue
Dim positValue
Dim unitValue

Set NodeList = objXML.documentElement.selectNodes("/portType/operation")

Set nodesiteid=myXML.documentElement.selectSingleNode("//siteid").text
MsgBox siteValue

Set nodevalid=myXML.documentElement.selectSingleNode("//validationkey").text
MsgBox validValue

Set nodePos=myXML.documentElement.selectSingleNode("//WhichPosition").text
MsgBox positValue

Set nodeUnit=myXML.documentElement.selectSingleNode("//WhichUnit").text
MsgBox unitValue

Set myXML = Nothing

End If


My problem is I am not seeing anything back when I run this script. Am I missing something? Do I have to do a specific response.write for each retrieved field?

I would appreciate any suggestion that would make my crude code work.