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    Unhappy Position bottom by page size not screen size

    OK, here's my best ascii rendition of what I'm after. The two [img] are a single image overlaying the colored bar on the bottom and the white page content above.


    I am trying to position an image on the bottom of a webpage above the footer table layer (basically a solid color bar). I have a wrapper table set to 100% height so that the footer table is always on the bottom - no matter the page length.

    Here's the image I am trying to position

    <img src="img/bottom-corner.gif" style="position:absolute; bottom: 20px; right: 50px; zindex=10" width="211" height="245">

    This works (and looks) great until the page length is more than one screen. Seems that it is positioned according to the screen and no the page. I've tried all I know, putting a table around the image and positioning that. I even tried a <div> around the whole document.
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