I have to do in plain JavaScript something that I'm much more used to doing in jQuery.. this is for a standard tabbed-content show/hide div switcheroo.. here's the jQuery code:

$('.tabs a').click(function(e) {
$('.tab_content_wrapper').eq( $(this).index('.tabs a') ).show();
$('.tabs a').removeClass('tab_on').addClass('tab_off');

the main difficulty in doing this in plain JS is in grabbing which anchor was clicked..

this did not do the trick..

if ( document.addEventListener ) {
tabs.childNodes[i].addEventListener("click", function(){ this.style.border = '1px solid red'; }, false);
} else if ( document.attachEvent ) {
tabs.childNodes[i].attachEvent ("click", function(){ this.style.border = '1px solid red'; });

'this' evidently does not refer to the element that was clicked on...

also, can you refer to elements by their class name?

also, is it possible to do event-binding in plain JavaScript w/o using individual id's for the clicked-on elements? like I did, (thanks to help from people at the jQuery forums) in the code I posted above? if not I don't mind using element id's, but still, if possible would like something like if second tabbed was clicked show 2nd div...

would appreciate some help & suggestions as to how to convert this jQuery functionality to plain JS...

thank you..

(PS: can't use [CODE] tags.. they mess things up.. hide part of the post.. (I guess new interface still a bit buggy...;-) )