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    Resize Image based on Browser Window Size

    What I would like to do is have the images resize based on the browser size. I am trying to make them fill 100%. I'm not sure how to do this, I tried using width:auto and no height attribute because I do still want them to keep their proportions. I also tried some javascript code that I found as well as many google search results. I'm all out of ideas.
    I'm using a jquery slider that resizes the slider based on the largest image size it loads. If I can resize the images before the slider load's them, this should accomplish what I want.

    To see what i'm working with,

    Any idea's you have would be greatly appreciated, if you can even just point me in the right direction I would take that too

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    See this previous thread for some possible answers.

    I have a small resizing demo here but its pretty basic but does contain a little logic to handle image dimensions.


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