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Thread: function help

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    Angry function help

    hi everyone,
    urgently need help,

    i have manage to declare 3 variables and then do not understand what to do in next two bullet point (in red)

    "You should complete the code for the function as follows.
    Declare a variable to hold the letters correctly guessed by the player, the ‘hits’. Initialise this string of hits to an empty string.
    Declare a variable to hold incorrect guesses. Initialise it to an empty string.
    Declare a variable and initialise it to 9, the number of lives that a player has remaining at the beginning of the game.
    Invoke the getArrayElements() function with termArray and definitionArray as arguments. You did this to test the function within a button event handler in Task 1 (v)(b). Now you are putting the function to use for the game. Assign the array that is returned to a newly declared variable, entryArray.
    Assign each of the two array elements in entryArray to newly declared variables. The first element of entryArray will be a randomly picked term and the second element will be its associated definition"


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    Quote Originally Posted by jsmiracles View Post
    i have manage to declare 3 variables and then do not understand what to do in next two bullet point (in red)
    We tend to not give homework or assignment solutions here. The intention is that you are supposed to learn fro the resources that are already available to you.

    We can help though with explaining theory though. Be careful when receiving code for your homework, because commonly people use various techniques that tip-off that it's not yours instead.
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