hi guys,

I am really struggling with a scroller that i found on the net.

Im am trying to replicate this: http://sandbox.scriptiny.com/scroller/
Their site here: http://www.scriptiny.com/2009/09/jav...crollable-div/

Heres my page: http://bluecrushdesign.co.za/filth/store_scroll.html

I am trying to get the second scroller to work - the one on the right of the thumbnails..
((NB the first scrollbar/scroller) on this page is just for testing )

1) I have to try get the black scrollbar to appear next to thumbnails
2) and then the current scrollbar to dissapear

Ive saved the css in filth.css , saved the js file, i dont understand why it doesnt show?
Can anyone help?