Im playing with HTML5 LocalStorage and it seems pretty straight forward for the most part.

Load the page with the following to insert the test values.
localStorage.setItem("artist-0", "0"); //saves to the database, key/value
		localStorage.setItem("artist-1", "1"); 
		localStorage.setItem("artist-2", "2"); 
		localStorage.setItem("artist-3", "3");
I then generate a list from the stored data.

var hideartist = '';
			for (var i = 0; i < localStorage.length; i++){ 
				hideartist += "<li id=\"artist-" + localStorage.getItem("artist-"+i) + " \">" + localStorage.getItem("artist-"+i) + "</li>";
			//alert(hideartist); // show hideartist
  			$('#artisthidelist').append(hideartist); // add top artists
However, when I try and remove a value using a key that's generated by grabbing the id atribute of an element from jquery it just seems to fail.

Im struggling with is below. I can see from the alert that the 'key' seems to be Ok.

$("#artisthidelist li").live("click", function () {
			var deletenum = '';
			var deletenum = $(this).attr("id")
Any ideas what Im doing wrong? I've set up a test page here