Hi Everyone,

Here is the site I'm currently working on. The client had created this site in HTML and I'm recreating it using the WordPress theme TwentyTen.

I am currently stuck on the horizontal menu.
Thus far, the only page that will have a drop down is SUITES.
For now, I just have 3 dummy sub-pages until we start actually getting the content in.

Here's a few problems:

1) The drop down gets cut off. I have taken it out of the header div thinking that was the problem. Other than adding a button image, I have no really edited the original menu CSS, so I am not understanding why the sub-menu is getting cut off.

2) The client has two button images. One is transparent-ish and the one for hover and current page is solid red. Neither are showing.

And lastly - the Footer.
The copyright text on the left should be the same style as the text on the right (non-bold, italics). I've stared at the CSS so long that I can't tell what is wrong.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
~ Barbara