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    Red face IE8 Css/Jquery Pop Up/lighhtbox issue please help :)

    Hi everybody, I hope you can help me.

    I am having an issue with a site I am building, basically in IE 8 when viewing the answers to the questions the page moves a little to the left and back again. Seems like a padding problem but I am not sure.

    If I work like this 1280 x 1024

    It moves left and right on every click
    I.e. from this with no navigation bar right & bottom when no answers are selected

    Note this is only happening in ie8, however my problem is that I have IE7 on one computer and IE9 on another so cannot replicate my problem but was informed about it..

    Would appreciate any help you can give me
    oh..the url is

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    I didn't quite understand what was moving left and right? Did you mean the whole page ot the pop up box or something else?

    I couldn't see any movement in IE8 and the only think I noticed is the opacity bug where the png goes black when its animated but that's mainly a long standing and difficult bug to overcome.


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