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    Post Help me with deciding what cart best suits this type of customization

    Template: #####"Will need a full system design for the cart + logo"#####
    Store: Dedicated to sell game codes / game codes for various products (games)
    Payment gateways: Paypal, Moneybookers, Alertpay

    Need a custom module that can deliver game codes. They're unique codes, that are used to activate games for use. They will be secured in the database, encrypted what not. Format of the codes will be either plain text or jpg image.

    After payment the system will automatically deliver the code to the users "profile" and "email" of user. Would like the system to be versatile, in the front (customer view) and backend (admin side) of the system. Expect it to beable to work together with the cart eg. stock quantity, tracking (process the product is at awaiting approval etc). Also would like the system to work with preorders etc...fully taking advantage of Magentos or a alternatives full features
    The codes will be uploaded in the administrator section.
    This part only applies to Paypal payments.
    2nd part to this is the security section. Since PayPal (forced to use this payment system as majority usses this) fails to protect us digital item sellers we must secure our selves.
    System, does not deliver item till user has registered with matching details (name, address, phone number, etc) with Paypal (only verified users) otherwise order is stopped, changes user and admin status of order to awaiting approval. Only way for the user to get the item is if i approve the order then system will deliver it to him/her.
    If you require more information please let me know would be happy to fill the gaps in.

    I was originally going around quoting Magento developers, but i read a post about Magento not being the "best" choice. So i decided, what better place to ask then Sitepoints experts :P. I was wondering what cart would best suit this type of customization?


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    Magento does have a pretty robust downloadable products functionality built in. I've worked with a good mod for preorders as well.


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