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    Help with breaking cache?

    I'm currently using memcache

    Let's assume I have a blog post entry.

    So I'll cache that so I have the tags, categories, metadata, etc. all together and fetchable via the cache.

    Then I'll have a "listing of the latest entries" which I would also cache.

    So, say a blog post shows up in the latest entries... and I update the title. I can break that entry's cache, but how would I update it within the list of the latest items? - Need answers? Ask it online.
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    I've never used memcache before, but i've dabble with caching.

    Would it not be better to cache the post and directly related content (ie: tags) separately then import the cache into the content area as opposed to caching the entire page?
    This method would allow everything else to be dynamic and up-to-date.

    I only cache what is going to change on a very rare occasion, if at all, so things like latest lists, comments, etc are not cachable IMHO


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