I'm using HTMLawed to clean some HTML input after becoming a bit frustrated by HTMLPurifier and encoding issues (my fault...not the program's!). Anyway, I've now found HTMLawed online and I think that it will be easier to use. So far, it's behaving as expected, except that is, for image tags whose source is not my server.

PHP Code:
$config = array('elements'=>'* -script -object');
$clean htmLawed($dirty$config); 
However, using the above, it does a bit of wackiness with my image tags (see the first line) --- but only when the src. is not from my server (notice that the 2nd line is OK!).

HTML Code:
<p>img src="http://latex.codecogs.com/gif.latex?f(x)=7x&amp;plus;22%3C4" alt="f(x)=7x+22</p>
<p><img src="../instructor_uploads/paredem/inlineproblem.png" alt="" width="378" height="120" /></p>
Might anyone have any experience with this sanitizer? If so, am I correct in ascertaining the problem, and more importantly, is there a way to allow images from the codecogs site?

Thanks so much,