I'm pretty new to HTML5 and have been keeping it at arms length until I had a project of my oen where I could experiment with it. (I'm loving microdata btw)

I don't want to go too far down the line with my site to find I've got the basics wrong so I want to ask about styling.

Normally using <div>s I'd add a style the usual way:

<div id="header">Header Stuff</div>
<div id="navigation">Nav stuff</div>
<div id="body-section">Body stuff</div>
But now HTML5 has come along I'm seeing so many tutorials saying I can do away with <div>s and just have:

<header>Header Stuff</section>
<nav>Nav stuff</section>
<section>Body stuff</section>
But my page is going to look pretty flat.

So can I add styles to these like:

<header id="header">Header Stuff</section>
<nav id="navigation">Nav stuff</section>
<section id="body-section">Body stuff</section>
Or are these new tags for semantic purposes only and just encompass the traditionally styled <div>s?