I am finally migrating to Dreamweaver MX and am installing it on a clean machine without any older sites on it.

Problem is I have DW 4 with all the sites I control/work-on/etc on my older machine.

On one of the sites I can't recall my FTP password (and it just shows 5 *'s in the password are), so I can't enter it in my new MX comp's site profile. Yes, I do have it written down somewhere, but since I have just moved to a new house, it's still in some box and I have not been able to find it yet.

So, is there anyway to 'recover' the password from DW 4.0? Is it in some DLL or Reg somewhere? (I have not been able to find it yet).

This site is for a religious organization, and they do not know it either, heck they don't even know the login or what ftp is.
The site is hosted (not by my choice or advice) with SBC (one of the big baby bells), and thus getting the info from them is an endless phone loop/hold/transfer process (already tried for about 45 minutes).