I know there are thousands of virtual companies out there. What I'm looking for doesn't seem all that unique.

I have a single folder with all my client files, I want to sync this folder from my primary computer at work to a remote server somewhere. When I work remotely using my laptop, I want to be able to access all the files as a drive on my computer. I DO NOT want to sync the files to multiple computers - I have 50GB of files that I do not want to be on multiple computers taking up disk space. I eventually want to allow my subcontractors to have read/write access to all the files - again as a drive, not synced to their computers (I do not want them downloading all 50GB of files to their computer - they don't need that wasted space and will only access 15-20 current active projects of the 200+ client folders)

Everyone I talk to says this is possible, but ultimately says "use the web-based interface". That is not what I'm looking for. Web-based interface (like Dropbox) means when working remotely you have to download the files, work on them, then re-upload - NOT what I want to do anymore. I have forgotten to upload files too many times and had to drive all the way back home to my laptop to retrieve the files to use at work. I also do not want sub-contractors having to download/sync all 50GB of files and wasting storage on their computer when they only need access to

Why is this setup so hard to find?