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    Browser Caching Problems

    Is browser caching the web developer's bane? I seem to encounter this problem randomly: I make a tweak to a file and upload it, but cannot get the browser to pull the new file from the server. Repeated attempts at "Shift + F5" doesn't solve it either.

    As I understand, IE has a problem with this, even if you clear the cache under Internet Options. I also understand that the web host can set the server to cache pages.

    Is there anyone who has a solution or workaround to this problem?


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    Don't you mean Ctrl+F5?
    Ctrl+F5 does a server refresh.

    I've experienced similar problems before, and found that there was a delay of sorts at my host. But since then a server refresh has always worked for me.

    I think your host server is automatically set to cache pages. Looking at my work servers running W2K Server, I can disable server caching. But it was auto set to cahce.
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