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    How do I refresh page and keep a dropdown menu open


    I'm trying to achieve a notification feature which you see on facebook, myspace and so on.

    Here the trick that I use:
    I've pulled a number of data that a user has not been read (where active ='0') from a database to display on a notification icon on the menubar -- the exact notification icon you will see on facebook and myspace -- says 2 unread messages in bright red.

    As the user click on the notification button to open up a dropdown menu and read their unread messages I process the script and update the active = '0' to active = '1' and refresh the page.

    The problem is when the page is refreshed, the dropdown menu and the notification both disappeared.

    How do I remove only that number in red and keep the dropdown menu open, I know that both facebook and myspace didn't even refresh a page.

    In this case, I don't even know whether I use javascript or ajax. I've stolen (borrowed) the feature from twitter.

    Hope I explain what I'm trying to do clearly and thanks for your help

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    it sounds like you are going to have to use ajax, so you won't need to have the page refreshed,
    and javascript should offer a solution to the dropdown menu problem,
    or maybe instead of using a dropdown menu you could try and build a similar control using a div as your container.
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