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    Question JQuery - open closed indicators - Novice to Ninja book

    This question comes from the book: JQuery: Novice to Ninja
    Chapter 5: 03_open_closed_indicators.
    (see zipped my files.)

    This seems simple, but I'm totally lost with my logic.
    (1) I've filtered the first item to be open when the page is loaded.
    (2) When the first panel is open, the cooresponding open / close indicator (which is simply one small image) points the wrong way, or acts improperly.

    My Question
    What code am i missing that would handle the open/closed arrows appropriately if the first item was open on load?

    My js code

    $( '#menu > li > ul' ) 
    	.click(function( e ){
      $('#menu > li').toggle(function(){
          .css('background-position', 'right -20px')
      }, function(){
      	$( this )
          .css('background-position', 'right top')
    I've messed around with the code for way too long and can't figure it out. Any help appreciated.

    Also,(not essential) how easy is it to add an expand / collapse all buttons? Though I have some ideas as to how to approach this.
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