Hey Everyone,

My name is Justin Stayton, and I'm a moderator at The Webmaster Forums. Recently it has come to my attention that a post by JFEngle was meant to harm or "put down" TWF. Please note that I'm not trying to start a flame war, although some here might.

First, many of TWF's problems have not been aimed at TWF, but at other sites on the shared server. It is true that there have been a few break-in's, but that was to UBB, not the actual server (if I understand correctly).

Next, the reply by Matt Kaufman had to proof or evidence at all. He said:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote/font><HR>I know! The moderators at the Webmaster-forums have no form at all. (If you know what I mean) They act...I don't know. kinda' dumb. Not professional at all.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

If so, then do you have evidence to back up your claim? I know the owner of WR doesn't want to start a flame war with TWF, and if I'm correct, even has posted at TWF. I know for a fact that Matt Kaufman has. In my opinion, if I owned a BB, then I would probably ban you (don't take it personally). My reasons: 1) I know the owner of WR has had some trouble with you because in some of your posts (some of them aimed to hurt/damage people) you sound like your the owner of the site, 2) posting negative comments like the one above.

Again, this post is just to clear things up and not to start a flame war. Thanks...

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