I designed and manage two websites and always uploaded files through Dreamweaver's ftp (using Dreamweaver CS 4). While on maternity leave I did not do anything with the websites. Now I am trying to make some updates to the websites and the ftp is no longer working, on either site. I did not change Dreamweaver settings at all.

I downloaded FileZilla and am not able to connect with the servers using that software either.

I tried connecting to ftp.irs.gov (as suggested here: Troubleshoot FTP problems | Dreamweaver CS4 and earlier ) and was able to connect with FileZilla but not Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver gave me "there is a problem with login or password" error instead of the ftp error I had been getting with the other sites.

I double checked my firewall (running Windows 7) and both Dreamweaver and FileZilla are "allowed".

Where should I look next? Please help!