So, I just finished my first website from start to finish and am beta testing it with several friends of mine. They all seem to think that it's clear, intuitive, and easy to use, but I fear that I've gotten comments on the design such as "it's not in touch with modern design" and "it doesn't look professional". If there were programming or logic problems, I'd be able to fix them. However, I feel a bit at a loss as to how to make my site look better. Do colors match? Am I using the right background? Are my fonts good? These are questions that I fear I can't answer...

My question then, is if I have a completed website and am not super visually inclined, would it be better to hire a professional to rework the feel of the site? Or are there websites/books that could help me with this sort of thing?
And, if I did hire a professional, what should it cost to rework the homepage?

Thanks in advance,