Hello everyone,

well, i just spot this section, and so, on advice of a mentor, i am posting a list of resources of JavaScript sites... u may mention more to add to the list.

*-* Dynamic Drive - Great JavaScript/DHTML resources.

*-* Java-Scripts.net - A collection of scripts, just copy and paste them.

*-* A1 JavaScripts - Great site with a good collection of JavaScripts/DHTML scripts, worth considering.

*-* HotWired JavaScript - Various Tutorials to get going in JavaScript.

*-* JavaScript Authoring Guide - The offical Netscape JavaScript guide, with a great reference section. Must be check out.

*-* JavaScript Developer - Great advanced JavaScript articles.

*-* Javascript City - Name describes it all.

*-* ScriptSearch - Great resource of JavaScripts. A big collection of them.

*-* RD Site Builder - You all know this one

*-* The JavaScript Source - A Big Database of Javascripts. A great database, of over 1000 scripts.

*-* Javascript.com - Nice collection of JavaScript resources, with good articles.

*-* Webdeceloper.com/Javascript - JavaScript archive with hundreds of scripts organized into various categories.

*-* Website Abstraction - JavaScript Tutorials and lots of great scripts for the taking. A very well done site.

*-* Focus on JavaScript - Links to thousands of JavaScripts and Tutorials.

*-* Javascript Resources(Links) - JavaScripts Resources, links to other resourceful sites.

That's all folks