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    Smile jQuery or Ajax ? Read Description

    Hey Friends,

    This is Peace, beginner in web designing. My question is that If i learn jQuery do i have to learn Ajax after that.. I'm puzzled. Please Help. Cause I came to know that jQuery also does the Ajax Job i.e. send request to a server without a page refresh. So why should I learn Ajax if i can do the same thing with jQuery

    Hope u've understood.
    Please answer.
    Thanks in Advance...

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    It's best that you do learn Ajax by itself first as there is a lot to learn about security and the correct ways to handle certain requests and such, just jumping straight into jQuery won't teach you any of the risks by using Ajax so learning it ahead of time will better prepare you for whats to come.

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    AJAX is just a word describing a technique. You can use AJAX techniques with or without jQuery.

    AJAX refers, mostly, to being able to make asynchronous HTTP requests from your script - one of many things you may want to do in Javascript. There are jQuery ways to make AJAX easy, but you don't need to use jQuery for it. I see no reason why not, though.
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