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    Creating a blur effect on image

    Hi all, I wonder if it is possible to make a JS blur effect on an image while it's moving.

    It probably is but I haven't seen it done before with JS, only ActionScript for Flash, I wonder what is the reason for this.

    So the way I have been thinking this could be achieved is by loading several times the same image giving them transparency and offsetting them a pixel or two from each other.

    Any input or ideas regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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    You could use something like the Pixeltastic library to perform blurs, it's JS creating a canvas element. Since JS doesn't have any real image manipulation, canvas is the real hero here.
    Pixastic: JavaScript Image Processing : Blur
    Pixastic: JavaScript Image Processing : Blur Fast

    While you could certainly apply animation effects to a container of canvas, or use canvas to move the elements themselves, there might be some performance issues there, especially with larger images.

    To perform a manual blur as you described, using JS & transparency you could insert 8 images and transpose them on the top with an offset.

    I knocked up a super quick example:

    Code HTML4Strict:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">
        <title>Testing img blur</title>
    		#container { position:relative; width:300px; height:300px; overflow:hidden; top:150px; left:150px; }
    		#container img { position:absolute; opacity:0.125; }
    		#container #i0 { opacity:1; top:0; left:0; }
    		#i1 { top:-2px; left:-2px; }
    		#i2 { top:-2px; left:0px; }
    		#i3 { top:-2px; left:2px; }
    		#i4 { top:0px; left:-2px; }
    		#i5 { top:0px; left:2px; }
    		#i6 { top:2px; left:-2px; }
    		#i7 { top:2px; left:0px; }
    		#i8 { top:2px; left:2px; }
    	<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
    	<script type="text/javascript">
    			amt = 0;
    				amt = amt == 150 ? -150 : 150; 
    				$(this).animate({"left":$(this).position().left + amt, "top":$(this).position().top + amt, }, 1000);
    <div id="container">
    	<img src="" id="i0"/>
    	<img src="" id="i1"/>
    	<img src="" id="i2"/>
    	<img src="" id="i3"/>
    	<img src="" id="i4"/>
    	<img src="" id="i5"/>
    	<img src="" id="i6"/>
    	<img src="" id="i7"/>
    	<img src="" id="i8"/>

    Of course you'd generate the additional images with JS and generate the styles depending on what level of blur you wanted.

    This is only a very basic level of blur though, nothing like what you could achieve using Canvas
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    Thank you for this info, appreciated!


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