I am unable to post the code at the moment but I will have it here tomorrow.

Basically I coded a jQuery film strip that visitors can navigate through using two arrows on either side of the pictures. I have it coded so that when the end of the strip is reached the arrow of that side hides ( $('#rightArrow').hide() - this will cause the id to have a display: none; property) and when a user scrolls back the arrow will reappear using show().

This is coded for both arrows left and right but for some reason the code will not make the 'display: none;' change back to 'display: block;' when I look at the debug in firefox. I know the code it firing because the right arrow is hidden when the last slide is reached but I cannot get the left arrow to show.... Only tested on firefox and chrome with the same result.
jQuery ver. 1.6.2
Updated Chrome and FF

Any suggestions or guesses are appreciated until I can get the code up tomorrow morning.