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    Chapter 3 page 110

    I am learning PHP from Kevin Yank's book Build your own Database Driven Web Site using PHP & MYSQL.

    my question is when I do step 5
    include 'welcome.html.php';

    i get an error function.include failed to open stream (file not found)

    I am reading the directions and I cannot find anywhere in the chapter that tells me to create this file 'welcome.html.php'.

    I have created all the 'welcome 1-8' and they all seem to work except for this last one.
    Am I missing something?
    can someone help me on this?

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    Hi magdam1, welcome to the forums,

    The book is a bit out of sync. The author didn't figure on someone wanting to try it before they read the explanation of what the code is doing.

    If you look on page 112 you'll see:
    All thatís left is to write the welcome.html.php template. Here it is:
    followed by the code example, then
    Thatís it! Fire up your browser and point it at http://localhost/welcome/ (or
    http://localhost:8080/welcome/ or similar if you need to specify a port number for
    your web server). Youíll be prompted for your name, and when you submit the
    form, youíll see the appropriate welcome message. The URL should stay the same
    throughout this process.
    I'm the same way, always wanting to test things. I don't let reading get in the way of the fun stuff except as a last resort!


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