Is there some XML data feed generating software out there I can buy so I can properly format it for Googles upcoming rehab of there datafeed protocol.
I would also likely use it for other submissions such as Bing and comparison sites etc
Google Merchant Center Announcements: We've made changes to the Google Product Search Feed Specification and Policies. These changes will be enforced stringently beginning Sept. 22, 2011.

Here's my datafeed now as you can see its missing allot of the newly required data such as shipping and the images are another thing.
If someone knows of a script that can help me create a data feed I would appreciate it.

<name>Thunder Island Organic Coffee Roasters Store</name> </author> <id>tag:1314216021</id> -<entry> -<title>
<![CDATA[Smoke Signals organic coffee]]>
</title> -<link>
</link> -<description>
<![CDATA[Our dark french roast, known for its &quot;smokey&quot; undertones. We offer this as our strongest roast available, much enjoyed for its invigoration richness. All organic. Sold in our coffee shop daily. This coffee is a big seller at our local Whole Foods store where we give taste tests on a regular basis.]]>
</description> -<g:expiration_date>
</g:expiration_date> -<g:id>
</g:id> -<g:condition>
</g:condition> -<g:price>
</g:price> -<g:brand>
<![CDATA[Thunder Island]]>
</g:brand> -<g:image_link>
</g:image_link> -<g:weight>
<![CDATA[12.00 ounces]]>
</g:weight> -<g:height>
<![CDATA[10.0000 inches]]>
</g:height> -<g:length>
<![CDATA[2.5000 inches]]>
</g:length> -<g:width>
<![CDATA[4.0000 inches]]>
</g:width> -<g:upc>
<![CDATA[organic coffee]]>
</g:upc> </entry>
Thanks in Advance for any direction