I have a page that uses a SELECT box as a menu which loads the specified page when the user clicks go.

However, I need to change this so that it will load the specified page to an iFrame which i have added to the code.

Here is the main parts of my code:

The JavaScript
PHP Code:
URL document.form.site.options[document.form.site.selectedIndex].valuetarget='main';
window.location.href.target URL;
The SELECT box:
PHP Code:
<form name="form">
select name="site" size=1>
option value="horseracing.php">Horse Racing Specials
<option value="SoccerSpecials.php">Soccer Specials
<option value="golfspecials.php">Golf Specials
<option value="otherspecials.php">Other Specials
</select> <input type=button value="Go" onClick="javascript:formHandler(this)"></form
The iframe:
PHP Code:
<IFRAME SRC="welcome.html" name="main" WIDTH=600 HEIGHT=320 frameborder=0 border=0></IFRAME
Any ideas? I have been searching forums and google but i cant find anything to sort out the problem for me.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,